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why pupu 'ori te nati ?

te nati

The word Te Nati means “The Link” in Tahitian language.
It has a simple yet powerful meaning. We are connected to our ancestors and deeply embedded in the cultural heritage they left along, the one we share with our family and loved ones, the very same link between teachers and their students. We have a connection with all Polynesian cultures (Hawaiians, Maoris, Samoan, etc.)

our logo

Our Logo represents the Polynesian Triangle of the Pacific that make up the Polynesian islands.
The triangle shape pointing down depicts our unique culture of remaining rooted and connected to our ancestors.
The three points of the triangle illustrate family, our students, and my beloved island home of Tahiti.
The braided design symbolizes strength and protection that links us together.
The motif in the middle represents US all unified as one team.

we offer in person and virtual classes


We offer Tahitian dance classes and much more for all ages.


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Our instructors

Kaniala Charles - https://usa.pupuoritenati.com

Aloha, my name is Kaniala (Daniel) Charles. I am the lead drummer and assistant instructor for the Tamaroa and Tane class. See you in class !!!

Julie Manea Charles - https://usa.pupuoritenati.com

‘Ia ora na, my name is Julie Manea Charles or « Aunty Julie« , founder and director of Pupu ‘Ori Te Nati. I can’t wait to meet you all !

Jonathan LUDOVICO - https://usa.pupuoritenati.com

‘Ia ora na everyone, I am Jonathan Ludovico, the lead instructor for the Tamaroa and Tane classes. My students call me « Uncle Jonny » hope to meet you soon. 

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